Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Merchant Square is one of the best online shop for professionals and Salons/Companies in beauty Industry. After launching on our website Merchant Square it is necessary to visit this page to know the Terms & Conditions of our company. We strongly recommend you to read this term carefully before using our services. You must Confirm that you have understood and approved all these terms carefully. If you cannot take the terms then feel free to exit the site.

If you have Query Regarding the Terms & Condition of Merchant Square then please feel free to contact us on: Merchant Square

  • Acceptance of Terms

    By Creating account in Merchant Square as a authorized user or by accessing and using similar webpages you accept the Terms and you acknowledge that you had read, understood and agree to comply with these terms.

    The acceptance of these Terms builds a contract between Client and Merchant Square, which includes the Services provided to the clients according to their requirements.

    You can Register an account with us which helps to order our products more quickly. While you create an account, you confirm that:

  • The detail which you provide are real and accurate

    You won’t impersonate any other person or use any details that you are not authorized to use.

    You will notify us immediately of any changes to your details by updating those details on your online account.

  • Product Information

    The Product displayed on the site can be ordered and delivered only within the US location. Go to the Delivery Information section of Merchant Square for more information. All prices displayed on msquarebeauty.com are quoted in the U.S dollar and valid and effective only in US locations.

    All material and information presented by us are considered to be used foreducational or informational purposes only.

    All products should be strictly used in accordance with their instructions, precautions, and guidelines that are provided along with it.

  • Privacy Practices

    We care for the importance of safeguarding your personal information and we have formulated a Privacy Policy, to ensure that your information is sufficiently protected. Apart from this Terms & Condition, you should also visit the Privacy Policy Page to know more in-depth. To know more about privacy practice please visit: Merchant Square

  • Order Acceptance

    While we put all efforts to accept and deliver to the orders of our customers’ satisfaction, there may be certain orders that we might not be able to accept and deliver. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order for various reasons beyond our control. The reason not to accept the order could be limitations on the quantities of the stock available or fraudulent orders by miscreants or any other unwarranted situation.
    In case we are not able to accept your order partially or in full, we will contact you and provide you the information. If your order is canceled after your credit card has been charged, we will issue a credit note for the amount of the charge.

  • Payment Options

    While using any of the online payment options given by us, we do not take any responsibility or liability for loss or damage which occurred directly or indirectly because of the following reasons.

    Lack of authorization for any transaction.

    If you exceed the limit which is mutually agreed by you and your banker.

    If any payment issue arises out for the transaction.

    If the transaction declines by any means.

    We do not store or share your billing information. Your payment detailsis only used for fulfilling your order and providing services requested. You have to Re-enter your billing details for every new transaction.

  • Shipping and Delivery Charges

    All purchases msquarebeauty.com will be delivered to your doorstep at a nominal fee depending on the rates provided by our logistic partners. The delivery charges are arrived at based on the Quantity and the distance from the warehouse. The delivery charge for the remote locations which are outside limit will cost more than that of the rate offered within the area of service. We hope we are clearly mentioning the delivery charges based on the location. For more Details Please visit our Delivery Information Page:

  • Offers and Discounts:

    We take all efforts and marketing guides to benefit our end users and so we provide offers on the site on special occasions. We provide the best Gift cards and promotional events for our users. We will display our promotional event on the website and also send it via mail.

  • Return or Exchange

    Return or Exchange can be done for any reason within 30days. Email us at (mail id) or call us at ..................... to inform us that you would like to return or exchange the product. Provide us your name, order number, date of order, delivery address, and your contact details. If you return or exchange within 30days you will be refunded with a 100% cashback policy.

  • Return After 30 Days

    Items returned after 30 days will be charge a fee. The customer will be responsible for the return shipping charges. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted, a refund will not be issued. We will not be responsible for the extra charges applied.

  • Cancellation of Order

    If you would like to cancel and return your order, email us at (mail id) or call us at 16656666 to inform us that you would like to cancel the order. Provide us your name, order number, date of order, delivery address, and your contact details, and we will discuss the option available for you.

  • Your Content Submission

    By submitting content to Merchant Square and participating in the community, you represent that:

    You understand all the terms and Privacy policies of Merchant Square

    You understand that your content can be utilized in its marketing materials.

    All the content that you post is accurate and correct.

    You should be a professional or company in the beauty industry.

    Content should not violate any law.

  • Submission of Review

    You can leave a review about a product by clicking on the “leave a review button” under a particular product.

    The review should be accurate and genuinely held

    Should not contain a reference to any other company website or any individual.

    Should not promote violence or breach the law

    You can remove your review from the website at any time if we find your review is not following our terms, and we will remove the review without prior notice. We won’t be liable to you if we remove your review from our website.

  • Customer Complaints

    In case if you had any difficulty while doing shopping with us, we regret the inconvenience caused to you. We make our customers happy by providing a rich user and shopping experience and by providing convenience in delivering the goods at home. If you feel that something needs to be improved /optimized, please feel free to write your suggestions/complaints to (mail id). We will get back to you and do the best that we can for your future purchases.

  • Termination

    We have the authority to terminate this Agreement at any time. In the event of any conduct which is unacceptable or in the event of any breach of this agreement in its sole discretion reserves the right to terminate any account of End User. If we terminate the agreement and your use of the website, we may delete the content related to your use of the website and we are not liable to you or any third party for doing so.